Welcome to the home page for the 2021 PSCFA "John Vitullo" Spring Championships tournament hosted by Moorpark College on Feb 26-28, 2021 for College students.

Status: System shutdown (No new schools, changes, adds, or drops )

Parli Resolutions

Round One & Two - Congress should pass Biden’s immigration bill, as is.

Round Three - The expansion of the term “Domestic Terrorist” does more harm than good. 

Round Four - Gerrymandering is a greater threat to Democracy than voting restrictions.

Bronze Round - President Biden should use an Executive Order to cancel $50,000 in student loan debt for each indebted American.




Debaters - Please go to the Help room for sign in.  You must sign in no later than 8:45 to avoid being dropped.  https://8x8.vc/PSCFAHelpRoom



A Few Important Reminders: 

1) All times are Pacific Time.

2) Judges are encouraged to accept ballots as soon as they are notified.

3) Judges are encouraged to submit ballots ASAP after the round.  Additional comments can be added to the ballots any time before the end of the tournament.

4) Drops after the Wednesday deadline do not alter a school’s judging commitment.


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