Welcome to the home page for the 2020 PSCFA Fall Champs tournament hosted by Moorpark College on Dec 4-6, 2020 for College students.

Status: Drops only (No new schools, changes, or adds)

Thank you for joining us at the PSCFA Fall Championship Tournament!

A few reminders:

All Times are Pacific Standard Time

If you need assistance during the tournament


Parli Topics will be Announced here:


Extemp Topics will be distributed here:

Standby Judges should wait here:

(feel free to treat this as a judges lounge for visiting as well)



PSCFA operates on Exit Fees  You can find the Treasurer here:
(Availability Times will be updated)

For Judges:

·        You will receive an email 10 minutes before the round. It will either provide you a link to your round room and eballot, or ask that you please stand by in case we need to push you a ballot. The judges stand by room can be visited at this link: https://8x8.vc/PSCFAjudges

  • If you do not receive an email 10 minutes before the round, please head to the judges stand by room.
  • If we do not need you for the round, you will get another email after letting you know you are good to go for the round.
  • Please make sure to check your spam folders for your ballots.

For Competitors:

  • Please make sure competitors also check their spam folders for postings.
  • The postings will contain their room link, and will also be sent 10 minutes before the round.

For the IE portion of the tournament:

  • Competitors who are double entered will receive links to both of their rooms. To sign in, please have competitors type their name in the chat to mirror signing into a classroom, before heading to their other round.
  • Please inform competitors to make sure they enter rooms with muted microphones, as to not interrupt another speaker.


  • To prepare your competitors and judges for this new online format, please see the guides available on the online resources page: https://forensicstournament.net/online 
  • Because this is an online tournament, slow internet speeds can cause issues for speakers, judges, and tournament staff. Test your internet speed on https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ Anything less than 6 mbps upload/download will cause video/audio problems.
  • We strongly recommend each school has judges on standby who are familiar with internet tournaments in case there are internet issues for their originally registered judges.
  • The tournament will use synchronous video conferencing. Please see the Best Practices section of this invite for tips on how to effectively use the platform.
  • The awards ceremony will be live-streamed on YouTube each day.