A. Novice Extemp Event Prompts

Round 1 - 9:00 am

  1. Speaker 1

    Speaker One

    1. Should the US take a more direct role in protecting Ukraine?
    2. Would ending the use of Title 42 result in an unmanageable surge in immigration?
    3. Will the ICC be able to get a conviction against Abd-Al-Rahman for war crimes in Darfur?
  2. Speaker 2

    Speaker Two

    1. What should be Biden’s next step in protecting Ukraine?
    2. Will Sen. McMorrow serve as a rally point for LGBTQ+ rights?
    3. What should China do to stem COVID infections?
  3. Speaker 3

    Speaker Three

    1. Should NATO take a more direct role in protecting Ukraine?
    2. Will Elon Musk’s buyout be in Twitter’s best interest?
    3. What effect will Macron’s win in France have on the nationalist wave Hungary is championing in Europe?
  4. Speaker 4

    Speaker Four

    1. Can Ukraine realistically win long-term against Russia’s invasion?
    2. Will the civil contempt of court change be sufficient to get Trump to divulge his documents?
    3. What can the world do to help lower ever-rising oil prices?
  5. Speaker 5

    Speaker Five

    1. What lessons does Putin’s war in Ukraine teach China?
    2. Will the lifting of the travel mask mandate result in a spike in COVID numbers?
    3. Should NATO admit Sweden and Finland?
  6. Speaker 6

    Speaker Six

    1. Is now the right time for Kyiv to reopen?
    2. What effect will Florida’s revoking of Disney’s tax status have on the state’s economy?
    3. What effect will China’s coal policy have on efforts to reduce climate change?

Round 2 - 10:30 am

  1. Speaker 1


    1. Is the Ukraine-Russia crisis the next United State proxy war?
    2. What does the future of United States space exploration look like with the decommissioning of the International Space Station?
    3. Should the United States expect another stock market crash?
  2. Speaker 2


    1. Should Shanghi and Beijing lockdowns be a warning for the United States?
    2. Will other colleges in the Southwest follow NAU´s lead?
    3. How will Russia sanctions hurt the EU?
  3. Speaker 3


    1. Can Xi Jinping survive zero-Covid?
    2. Should the United States be worried about the upturning of Roe vs Wade?
    3. Will Arizona´s housing market crash?
  4. Speaker 4


    1. Should other states follow Californias lead in suing the USPS?
    2. Will David Buckel´s sacrifice make a meaningful impact in the push for environmental reforms?
    3. Is the United States really out of the pandemic-phase?
  5. Speaker 5


    1. Can we expect more Republicans than Democrats to win in the 2022 elections?
    2. How will the United States negotiate the release of Brittany Griner?
    3. Will Gusatvo Petro benefit Colombia?
  6. Speaker 6


    1. What are the implications of Elon Musk buying Twitter?
    2. Is Biden really making Harm Reduction a priority?
    3. Will Sage Steele win her law suit against ESPN?

Finals - 2:30 pm

  1. Speaker 1

    Speaker 1
    1 What should the United States do to address political division?

    2 Should activists trust Telegram to securely communicate? 

    3 Should colleges do more to address student food insecurity?

  2. Speaker 2

    Speaker 2
    1 What should the United States do to address the K-12 teacher shortage?

    2 Is cryptocurrency a good investment in 2022?

    3 Should colleges continue to offer remote education options?

  3. Speaker 3

    1 What should the United States do to address the homeless crisis?

    2 Is Facebook’s metaverse the future of the web?

    3 What do the bans on Critical Race Theory tell us about the state of higher education?

  4. Speaker 4

    Speaker 4
    1 What should the United States do to address climate change?

    2 Is the European Union’s GDPR privacy law effective?

    3 Should colleges phase out tenure for college professors?

  5. Speaker 5

    Speaker 5
    1 What should the United States do to address violence directed towards the AAPI community? 

    2 Are US companies sufficiently prepared for cyberattacks?  

    3 What should colleges do to help formerly incarcerated students succeed?

  6. Speaker 6

    Speaker 6
    1 What should the United States do to address childhood poverty?

    2 What impact will the James Webb telescope have on astronomy? 

    3 Do Academic Boycotts work to change society?