Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 Azusa Pacific University Azusa, CA
2 COMS 4 Debate at Compton Compton, CA
3 California Baptist University Riverside, CA
4 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo San Luis Obsipo, CA
5 California State University Long Beach Long Beach, CA
6 California State University, Fullerton Fullerton, CA
7 California State University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
8 California State University, Northridge Northridge, CA
9 Cerritos College Norwalk, CA
10 Claremont Colleges Claremont, CA
11 College of the Canyons Santa Clarita, CA
12 Concordia University Irvine Irvine, CA
13 Cypress College Cypress, CA
14 Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
15 East Los Angeles College Monterey Park, CA
16 El Camino College Torrance, CA
17 Florida International University Miami, FL
18 Fullerton College Fullerton, CA
19 Glendale Community College at AZ Glendale, AZ
20 Glendale Community College, CA Glendale, CA
21 Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZ
22 Grossmont El Cajon, CA
23 Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA
24 Los Angeles City College Los Angeles , CA
25 Los Angeles Valley College Valley Glen, CA
26 Moorpark College Moorpark, CA
27 Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA
28 Mt. San Jacinto College Menifee, CA
29 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff , AZ
30 Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA
31 Palomar College San Marcos, CA
32 Pasadena City College Pasadena, CA
33 Point Loma Nazarene University San Diego, CA
34 Rio Hondo College Whittier, CA
35 Saddleback College Mission Viejo, CA
36 San Diego Mesa College San Diego, CA
37 Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA
38 Santiago Canyon College Orange, CA
39 Speech and Debate at Compton Compton, CA
40 Speech and Debate at UC San Diego La Jolla, CA
41 UCLA Los Angeles, CA

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Pattern C

# School Judge Debate Individual Events British Parliamentary
1 PCC Jay Arntson Yes No
2 PLNU Lorina Schrauger Yes Yes
3 Cerritos College Katrina Taylor Yes Yes
4 Cerritos College Steve Robertson Yes No
5 Cerritos College Bryan Malinis Yes Yes
6 Cerritos College Elsa Anaya Yes No
7 APU Andrew Rinard Yes No
8 APU Matthew Brandstetter Yes Yes
9 APU Sydney Folsom No Yes
10 APU Justin Kemp Yes No
11 APU Jazmin Hand Yes No
12 Saddleback Aaron Fullman No Yes
13 Saddleback Shawn O'Rourke No No
14 Saddleback Mark Dorrough Yes No
15 Saddleback Heidi Ochoa No No
16 Glendale CC Eric Yahn No Yes
17 Glendale CC Lewis Robinson Yes Yes
18 Glendale CC Shelton Hill Yes Yes
19 Glendale CC Seth Fromm No Yes
20 S&D@UCSD Marc Ouimet Yes No
21 Fullerton Col Douglas Kresse Yes No
22 Fullerton Col Jeff Samano Yes Yes
23 PCC Allan Axibal-Cordero No Yes
24 LAVC Kevin Briancesco No Yes
25 LAVC Jaime Gomez No Yes
26 LAVC Chanelle Prime No Yes
27 Rio Erin Crossman Yes No
28 Rio Libby Curiel Yes Yes
29 Rio Matthew Grisat Yes No
30 Rio Wendy Lai Yes No
31 Rio Grant Tovmasian Yes Yes
32 Concordia Amanda Ozaki-Laughon Yes No
33 Concordia Shannon Prier Yes No
34 Concordia Richard Ewell Yes No
35 PCC Finny Vuong No Yes
36 PLNU Skip Rutledge No No
37 PLNU Ashley Nuckels Cuevas Yes Yes
38 PLNU Haley Courtney Yes Yes
39 PLNU Kasey Graves Yes Yes
40 PLNU Genieve Aguilar Yes Yes
41 PLNU Ged Valenzuela Yes Yes
42 PLNU Courtney Gammariello Yes Yes
43 CSUF Kerrie Hillhouse No Yes
44 CSUF Joe Sindicich No Yes
45 LAVC Josh Miller No Yes
46 LAVC Allison Bowman No Yes
47 DVC Robert Hawkins No Yes
48 El Camino Abigail Watkins Yes Yes
49 El Camino Harrison Shieh Yes Yes
50 El Camino Brittany Hubble Yes Yes
51 El Camino Francesca Bishop No Yes
52 El Camino Joseph Evans Yes No
53 El Camino Will Prior Yes No
54 Palomar Brandan Whearty Yes No
55 Palomar Chris Lowry No Yes
56 Palomar Alyssa Sambor Yes Yes
57 Palomar Dewi Hokett Yes Yes
58 Palomar Jason Hosfield Yes Yes
59 Fullerton Col John Halcomb Yes No
60 El Camino Gary Smith Yes Yes
61 Rio Felix Rodriguez Yes No
62 Grand Canyon Michael Dvorak No Yes
63 Grand Canyon Nick Stump Yes Yes
64 Grand Canyon Emma Hong Yes No
65 Grand Canyon Renee Cooperman Yes Yes
66 Grand Canyon Jason Hong Yes No
67 Grand Canyon Richard Regan Yes Yes
68 IVC Edwin Tiongson No No
69 IVC William Neesen Yes No
70 IVC Eric Garcia Yes No
71 IVC Jacee Cantler Yes Yes
72 IVC Kristina Rietveld Yes Yes
73 IVC David Finnigan Yes Yes
74 IVC Chathi Anderson Yes Yes
75 IVC Susie Virzi Yes Yes
76 IVC Jen Page Yes Yes
77 IVC Hugh Lehane Yes Yes
78 IVC Nick Matthews Yes No
79 IVC Nichole Barta Yes Yes
80 IVC Willie Washington Yes Yes
81 IVC Aditya Sharma Yes No
82 IVC Darian Taban Yes Yes
83 IVC Nabeel Faisal Yes Yes
84 Fullerton Col Shelley Natale No Yes
85 IVC Brenda Nelson Yes Yes
86 IVC Kelly Kehoe No Yes
87 Grossmont Roxanne Tuscany No No
88 Fullerton Col Christina Nguyen Yes Yes
89 Mt SAC Amy Wangsadipura No Yes
90 Mt SAC Daniel Cantrell Yes Yes
91 Mt SAC Roger Willis-Raymondo Yes Yes
92 Mt SAC Roxan Arntson Yes Yes
93 Mt SAC John Vitullo Yes Yes
94 OCC Sherana Polk Yes No
95 OCC Shaw Davari Yes Yes
96 OCC Sean Connor No Yes
97 OCC Raffaela Baker Yes No
98 OCC Kristine Clancy No Yes
99 OCC Tim Mount Yes Yes
100 OCC Brandon Tanielu No Yes
101 OCC Phil Vu Yes No
102 Rio Victor Wright Yes No
103 PCC Victor Cornejo Yes No
104 PCC Dave Machen Yes No
105 IVC Steven Plogger Yes Yes
106 OCC Das Nugent No Yes
107 NAU Caitlyn Burford Yes Yes
108 NAU Dayle Hardy-Short Yes Yes
109 PLNU Frank Cuevas Yes Yes
110 FIU Andrew Dias Yes Yes
111 FIU T. J. Lakin Yes Yes
112 Rio Paul Sunpanich Yes No
113 Rio Raquel Calderon Yes No
114 Rio Carolina Sainz Yes No
115 Rio Lesley Crespo Yes No
116 Rio Matthew Ruiz Yes No
117 Rio Joseph Quintana Yes No
118 Rio Marilyn Fregoso Yes No
119 LACC Michael Kalustian No Yes
120 LACC Sarah Crachiolo No Yes
121 Saddleback Sam Hall Yes Yes
122 Moorpark Rolland Petrello No No
123 Moorpark Jim Wyman Yes No
124 Moorpark Neal Stewart No Yes
125 Moorpark August Benassi No Yes
126 Moorpark Carli Olsen No Yes
127 OCC David Miller Yes Yes
128 Saddleback Adrienne Collins Yes No
129 Cal Poly SLO Chris Skiles Yes No
130 Cal Poly SLO John Patrick Yes No
131 ELAC Derod Taylor No Yes
132 ELAC Adam Navarro No Yes
133 Compton Liza Rios Yes No
134 Compton Kristina Rietveld Yes No
135 Cypress Josh House Yes Yes
136 CBU Michael Marse Yes No
137 CBU Nyeesha Hale Yes Yes
138 CBU Dymond Galvan Yes Yes
139 CBU Adriena Young Yes Yes
140 CBU Laura Capito No Yes
141 CBU Karcsi Toghia No Yes
142 LAVC Luke Kelly Yes No
143 LAVC Daniella Izzaguirre Yes No
144 CBU Diana Lopez-Martinez Yes No
145 Canyons Michael Leach No Yes
146 Canyons Simon Kern No Yes
147 Compton Kelly Kehoe Yes No
148 Palomar Justin Perkins Yes No
149 PCC Alex Ortega Yes Yes
150 PCC Anna Yan Yes No
151 UCLA Ian Greer No Yes
152 UCLA Shane Flanagin No No
153 UCLA Kai Convery No No
154 Concordia Angelica Grigsby No Yes
155 Concordia Yaw Kyeremateng No Yes
156 ELAC Nader Haddad Yes No
157 CSULA Holland Smith No Yes
158 CSULA Brian Hy Yes Yes
159 APU Neshan Kahkejian Yes No
160 APU Melineh Kasbarian Yes No
161 CSU Long Beach David Hale No Yes
162 Cal Poly SLO Mark Gibson Yes No
163 MSJC Ron Newman No Yes
164 MSJC Suzanne Uhl No Yes
165 CSUN Jessica Kwack No Yes
166 Claremont Yiqi Zhao No No
167 Claremont Corey Henderson No No
168 Santiago Canyon Jared Kubicka-Miller Yes No
169 Santiago Canyon Matt Volz Yes No
170 Santiago Canyon Matt Shapiro Yes No
171 Santiago Canyon Dana Jean Smith No Yes
172 Santiago Canyon Reyna Velarde No Yes
173 Santiago Canyon David Rehm No Yes
174 Rio Alyssa Delgadillo Yes No
175 Rio Vince Sampieri Yes No
176 Rio Dacia Duran Yes No
177 Mesa David Berver Yes No
178 Mesa Jaimie Owens Yes Yes
179 Mesa Jin Nakama Yes Yes
180 ELAC Gordon Ip No Yes
182 ELAC Israel Beltran No Yes
183 CSU Long Beach Brandon Fletcher Yes No
184 CSU Long Beach Nick Russell Yes No
185 Glendale, CA Desi Chavez-Appel No Yes
186 Rio Jovanelly Martinez Yes No
187 SMC Aditya Sharma Yes No
188 SMC Luis Andrade Yes No
189 SMC Nate Brown Yes No
190 SMC Kevin Recinos Yes No
191 SMC Tracey Ng Yes No
192 Mt SAC Diana Alami Yes No
193 Mt SAC Edgar Munguia Yes No
194 Mt SAC Jeffrey Martinez Yes No
195 Mt SAC Kevin Chiu Yes No
196 Mt SAC Landon Gray Yes No
197 Mt SAC Isabet Jimenez Yes No
198 Mt SAC Jonathan Flores Yes No
199 Mt SAC Brittney Rivera Yes No
200 Mt SAC Stephanie Barragan Yes No
201 Mt SAC Rachelle Araghi Yes No
202 Mt SAC Jennifer Cisneros Yes No
203 Mt SAC Rhea Bonifacio Yes No
204 Mt SAC Carol Flores Yes No
205 Mt SAC Marilynn Muro Yes No
206 Mt SAC Jorge Luna Yes No
207 Mt SAC Chris Sandoval Yes No
208 PSCFAJudges Adam Cassidy No Yes
209 PSCFAJudges Matt Guest No Yes
210 PSCFAJudges Corey Taft Yes Yes
211 PSCFAJudges Josh Hartwell Yes Yes
212 PSCFAJudges Jennifer Mahlke Yes Yes
213 PSCFAJudges Jin Nakama Yes Yes
214 PSCFAJudges CLS Ferguson Yes Yes
215 UCLA Raymond Lu Yes Yes
216 COMS 4 Compton Chathi Anderson Yes No
217 COMS 4 Compton Steven Plogger Yes No
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