Welcome to the home page for the 2023 NPDA Championship Tournament tournament hosted by University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA on Mar 24-27, 2023 for College students.

Status: System shutdown (No new schools, changes, adds, or drops )


Round 1:
Topic: The United States federal government should enact a policy to substantially increase the production of rare earth minerals in the United States.
Announced: 8:55am
Debate at: 9:25 am


Round 2

Pairing at: 10:45 a.m.

Topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase its investment in water desalination.

Announced: 11:03 am

Debate at: 11:33 am


Round 3

Topic: The Federative Republic of Brazil should join the Belt and Road Initiative.

Announced: 2:00 pm

Debate at: 2:30 pm


Round 4

Topic: The Republic of China should substantially increase its military readiness.

Announced: 4:16 pm

Debate at: 4:46 pm


Round 5

Topic: The United States should launch a program to substantially reduce space debris.

Announced: 6:31 pm

Debate at: 7:01 pm

Round 6: 
Topic: The United States should significantly increase its support of Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Announced: 8:47 am
Debate at: 9:17 am

Round 7: 
Topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase the standard maximum deposit insurance coverage of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Announced: 11:05 am
Debate at: 11:35 am

Round 8: 
Debate at:


Debate at:

Debate at:

Debate at:

Debate at:

Note: WPC 255, WPC 243, and WPC 142 are in the WPC Annex. That means you will either need to use the skybridge on the second floor of the main WPC building to get there OR go outside of the main WPC building to walk into the first floor Annex entrance. 

Here is the tournament Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/132j8V1HMBCl8CRCmC8ZgXjV3mqyJY4Wy61YhX_TZy5s/edit?usp=sharing

Reminder: Round 1 Topic Announce will be in person, we need a representative from each team to be present for that announce. All other rounds will still have a roll call but you can chose to have your representative in person or in the help room. The topic will also be available in the live doc. 

Below is the Tournament Schedule. 


1. Concordia University Irvine -- WPC 131

2. Diablo Valley College -- WPC 243

3. Grand Canyon University -- WPC 123

4. Hillsdale College -- EDU 110A (PKD)

5. Kansas City Kansas Community College -- WPC 119

6. McKendree University -- WPC 122

7. Mercer University -- WPC 213

8. Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley -- EDU 207

9. Rice University -- WPC 130

10. Saint Mary's College -- WPC 218

11. San Diego State University -- EDU 117

12. San Joaquin Delta College -- WPC 255

13. University of Texas at Tyler -- WPC 219

14. University of the Pacific -- WPC 142

15. Whitman College -- EDU 110B

16. William Jewell College -- WPC 229

Tab Room                                                                      EDU 110C

Topic Announce                                                               WPC 140

Quiet Room                                                                      BIO 101

Help Room - https://8x8.vc/HELPNPDA23