A. Open Extemp Event Prompts

Round 1 - 10:30am PST

  1. Speaker 1

    1. Is U.N. intervention warranted in Colombia?

    2.  Will Yair Lapid be able to form a government where Netanyahu could not?

    3.  How can Mexico rebuild it’s crumbling infrastructure?

  2. Speaker 2

    1. Is Australia’s India Travel Ban a legal safety precaution or a human rights violation?

    2.  Is now the time that Scottish independence will actually happen?

    3.  Will EU policies to tighten foreign investment backfire?

  3. Speaker 3

    1. Is China maneuvering to finally annex Taiwan?

    2. Are Colombian protests a warning to the region?

    3. What does the rise in the popularity in India’s Bharatiya Janata Party mean for the country?

  4. Speaker 4

    1. Is China’s space program out of this world? 

    2.  Is it time that France canceled Napoleon? 

    3. What does the election of Tanzania’s new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, mean for the country?

  5. Speaker 5

    1. Is the UK’s deployment of the Royal Navy to Jersey an overreaction?

    2. What does the recent victory of Isabel Diaz Ayuso mean for the political climate of Spain?

    3. How can India’s government get ahead of the Covid- 19 pandemic?

  6. Speaker 6

    1. Should the Association of Southeast Asian Nations intervene in Myanmar?

    2. How should the BIden administration respond to heightened aggressive maneuvers in the South China Sea?

    3. Should Mount Everest be completely closed for tourism due to rising Covid-19 rates?

  7. Speaker 7

    1. Can the Amazon be saved?

    2. How can Israel’s parliament end their political stalemate?

    3. WIll anything actually come from the  G-7’s list of complaints against China and Russia?


Round 2 - 8:00am PST

  1. Speaker 1

    1. Is Biden correct that ‘America’s democracy is rising anew’?

    2. How will the results of the census impact Congress? 

    3. Should the national Seafood Council be resurrected?  

  2. Speaker 2

    1. Will Biden give in on corporate tax increases?

    2. Will curbing drug costs be a priority for Congress? 

    3. Will Gavin Newsome be recalled? 

  3. Speaker 3

    1. Is Biden right to back waiving international patent protections for Covid-19 vaccines?

    2. Should Congress raise the debt-limit? 

    3. Will Puerto Rico gain state-hood in the near future?

  4. Speaker 4

    1. Is it possible to reach Biden’s new vaccine deadline for all adults?

    2. Will DC achieve statehood? 

    3. What is up with Cyber Ninjas in Arizona?

  5. Speaker 5

    1. Should small business owners fear Biden’s plan to beef up the IRS?

    2. Will the National Guard get the benefits they are asking for? 

    3. Will Republicans be successful in passing antitrust reform? 

  6. Speaker 6

    1. Did Biden raise the refugee cap enough?

    2. Will Congress approve recurring stimulus checks? 

    3. Did the CDC misuse the Public Health Service Act when enacting the nationwide eviction moratorium?

  7. Speaker 7

    1. Can Biden’s American Families Plan be successful?

    2. Are the White House and Congress doing enough to address issues surrounding maternal health in the US? 

    3. Is Florida’s Senate Bill 90 a good idea?

Round 3 - 2:45pm PST

  1. Speaker 1

    1. Is the US in another housing bubble?

    2. Has Venezuela's economy bottomed out?

    3. How is Canada’s economy growing so quickly?

  2. Speaker 2

    1. Are US inflation concerns legitimate? 

    2. What impact will sinking pharma shares have on the global economy?  

    3. What would an infrastructure boom mean for the American economy?

  3. Speaker 3

    1. Did the Covid relief checks make a difference to the economy?

    2. Will the UK economy be negatively impacted by inflation?

    3. What can Mexico do to help their young workers find employment?

  4. Speaker 4

    1. Is there a path back to economic talks for China and Australia?

    2. How can India’s economy recover from the country’s latest Covid surge?

    3. What is the future for bitcoin? 

  5. Speaker 5

    1. What impact will sinking pharma shares have on the global economy?

    2. Has China’s economy recovered fully from the pandemic? 

    3. Can Mexico’s economy recover from the March contractions? 

  6. Speaker 6

    1. What do the new jobless numbers mean for the US economy?

    2. Will Canada’s housing frenzy last or crash? 

    3. Can Japan’s economy weather the change in Olympic location?

  7. Speaker 7

    1. The paycheck protection program is out of money, now what? 

    2. What will it take for the Philipine economy to recover from Covid? 

    3. Will the Belt and Road Initiative diversify Kuwait’s economy?


& Imp Finals - 10:30am PST

  1. Speaker 1

    1. Can the model minority myth be overcome?

    2. What is the best way to combat Covid Vaccine misinformation? 

    3. Will there be meaningful pushback against the Olympic ban of BLM apparel?

  2. Speaker 2

    1. What is the most effective thing that can be done to combat the mental health crisis Asian American’s are facing?

    2. Are social media platforms doing enough to combat Covid-19 vaccine misinformation? 

    3. Will Columbia officials be able to have meaningful conversations with protestors?

  3. Speaker 3

    1. Will the US ever officially acknowledge the genocide of Native Americans?

    2. Which state has handled the Covid-19 vaccine rollout the best? 

    3. Will Chile’s constitutional reform be successful?

  4. Speaker 4

    1. Will the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Missing and Murdered Unit make a real difference?

    2. Will the FBI label the Proud Boys as a domestic terrorist organization? 

    3. What should the Biden administration prioritize achieving in 2021? 

  5. Speaker 5

    1. What will it take to get the Federal government to provide California Native Americans with the appropriate healthcare funding?

    2. Will the movement to pay US moms be successful? 

    3. Will the Biden presidency prove to be good for the environment?

  6. Speaker 6

    1. Are we taking QAnon seriously enough?

    2. What is the best way for the US to deal with their student loan crisis?

    3. Will the farmer protests in India prove successful? 

  7. Speaker 7

    1. Should there be concern regarding the record low birth rates in the US? 

    2. Is it enough that Biden cancelled the border contracts?

    3. What are the 3 most important places for Covid vaccines to be required?