Welcome to the home page for the 2022 MJC Intramural Speech Tournament tournament hosted by Modesto Junior College on Dec 9, 2022 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

This intramural tournament is open to student's nominated by their speech professor at Modesto Junior College.  Contact Ryan Guy if you have questions.

Schedule Friday December 9th

2:00PM Informative Preliminary Round

3:15PM Persuasive Preliminary Round

4:30PM Final Rounds - Both Events



A. Intramural Informative Results

Place School Competitor
Finalist Professor Leslie Collins Brianna Robinson
Finalist Professor Thaddeus Martin Peyton Shrider
Finalist Professor Barbara Adams Dallas Day
Finalist Professor Taure Shimp Rebecca Lutton
3rd Professor Kyle Stubbs Sienna Davies
2nd Professor Tammy Vanden Bosch Annika Ericksen
1st Professor Todd Guy Malia Villarreal

B. Intramural Persuasive Results

Place School Competitor
Finalist Professor Tammy Vanden Bosch Terri Kang
Finalist Professor Todd Guy Alyssa Salas Ruelas
Finalist Professor Kyle Stubbs Michelle Vega
3rd Professor Barbara Adams Dallas Day
2nd Professor Taure Shimp Samantha Arteaga
1st Professor Leslie Collins Cody Dowdell