Welcome to the home page for the 2015 Logan Will Ultimate Challenge tournament hosted by Grants Pass/North Valley on Jan 16-17, 2015 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

<p>After discussing the issue last year, we will be starting debate on Friday, allowing us to have 4 rounds of debate without over burdening Saturday. The patterns have remained the same, though the requirements for the Ultimate Challenge have changed somewhat--please check that in the invitation. There is an ultra-special 4th pattern where you will register your Challengers for our recordkeeping. Register them as you normally would for their other events too. Fees for UC&#39;s assume 5 events, so if you have students who enter more than that, subtract $5 for each event they enter beyond 5. After Thursday, we will lock entries on the website, then fix fees to be accurate for us to be able to print out invoices.</p> <p>Please feel free to contact Tori or Rob if you have any questions or problems, and we hope you will come.</p>