Welcome to the home page for the 2024 Jannese Davidson Memorial Tournament tournament hosted by Concordia University Irvine on Jan 26-28, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed


8:30 AM -- Extemp Draw (Grimm Hall 120)
8:45 AM -- Round 1: Pattern A Events

10:00 AM -- Round 1: Pattern B Events

11:15 AM -- Extemp Draw (Grimm Hall 120)
11:30 AM -- Round 2: Pattern A Events

12:45 PM -- Round 2: Pattern B Events

1:30 PM -- Bronze Round A: IPDA Topic Draw
1:45 PM -- Bronze Round: NFA-LD Debate
2:00 PM -- Bronze Round B: IPDA Topic Draw

3:15 PM -- Extemp Draw (Grimm Hall 120)
3:30 PM -- Finals: Pattern A & Semifinals: O EXT & O IMP

4:45 PM -- Extemp Draw (Grimm Hall 120)
5:00 PM -- Finals: Pattern B & O EXT

6:15 PM -- Gold Round: IPDA Topic Draw
6:15 PM -- Gold Round: NFA-LD Debate

7:30 PM -- AWARDS CEREMONY (CU Center)

NPDA Debate Topics

Round 1 Topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase the federal minimum wage. // Topic @ 2:32 pm, PMC @ 3:12 pm.
Round 2 Topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase the federal minimum wage. // Topic @ 2:32 pm, PMC @ 4:22 pm.
Round 3 Topic: The use of drone strikes as a counter terrorism strategy is justified. // Topic @ 6:04, pm PMC @ 6:24 pm.
Round 4 Topic: Preemptive warfare is morally justified. //  Topic @ 7:47 pm, PMC @ 8:07 pm.
Round 5 Topic: The United States should prohibit the extraction of fossil fuels from federal public lands and waters. // Topic @ 10:01 am, PMC @ 10:21 am.
Elim #1 Topic: Governments should be allowed to restrict freedom of speech on social media to combat hate speech and/or misinformation.  // Topic @ 1:34 pm, PMC @ 1:54 pm
Elim #2 Topic: House Republicans should fund aid to Ukraine in exchange for Biden’s pledge to “shut down the border.” // Topic @ 5:01 pm, PMC @ 5:21 pm.
Elim #3 Topic: The Federative Republic of Brazil should prioritize its environmental protection over its economic development. // Topic @ 8:09 pm, PMC @ 8:29 pm.
Elim #4 Topic: No debate -- Senior close-out.

Concordia University Student Union 201 Grimm Hall 002
El Camino College Borland-Manske 222 Borland-Manske 222
Irvine Valley College Borland-Manske 118 Borland-Manske 118
Mercer University Library Arts 101 Library Arts 101
Northern Arizona Univ Chi Alpha 204 Grimm Hall 126
UC Berkeley Gymnasium 202 Grimm Hall 127
Point Loma Nazarene Grimm Hall 302 Grimm Hall 302
Rio Hondo College Chi Beta 101 Grimm Hall 218
St. Mary's College Chi Beta 204 Grimm Hall 219
San Diego State Borland-Manske 107 Borland-Manske 107
UC San Diego Borland-Manske 119 Borland-Manske 119
Univ of Texas-Tyler CU Center 104 CU Center 104
Univ of the Pacific Gymnasium 203 Grimm Hall 220
Univ of Utah Grimm Hall 121 Grimm Hall 121
William Jewell College Grimm Hall 215 Grimm Hall 215






Welcome to the Jannese Davidson Memorial Tournament, offering all 11 traditional AFA/NFA speech events in two patterns, two single-person debate events (IPDA and NFA), and NPDA Debate. Students can enter a maximum of 3 speech events per pattern, and one debate event in each pattern.

The Davidson is part of a Speech and NPDA Debate swing, the Golden Eagle Classic. Please see the link to the right to register for the Eagle. To that effect, student can enter in the following combinations:
1. Full Service -- Students can enter NPDA Debate (Fri/Sat), IPDA/NFA-LD (Sat & Sun), and up to 6 speech events (Sunday).
2. Speech Swing -- students can enter up to 6 speech events at both speech tournaments (Golden Eagle Saturday, Davidson Sunday). This means that they are unable to compete in any debate events.
3. NPDA Swing -- students can enter both NPDA debate tournaments (Davidson Fri/Sat, Golden Eagle Sunday). This means that they cannot compete in either speech tournament or IPDA/NFA-LD.

The tournament will be offered in-person, and without entry fees. However, there are no uncovered entries allowed. One speech judge can cover 5 slots per pattern, and one debate judge can cover 2 NPDA teams and 3 single-person debate entries. 

  • Thu 01/25/24 9:00 pm
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)


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