Welcome to the home page for the 2024 IIFA--IL STATE Tournament tournament hosted by @ Prairie State College, Chicago Heights on Feb 23-2, 2024 for College students.

Status: System shutdown (No new schools, changes, adds, or drops )


Please visit the new IIFA website: Hotel   Invitation    IIFA Website

We have shut down registration for now.  We will reopen registration for additional i.e. entries after the debate portion of the tournament on Saturday.

On behalf of the IIFA board, I invite you to join us at the 2024 Illinois Intercollegiate Forensic Association State Tournament. This year, the tournament will be held on two weekends: (1) IPDA & Parli on Feb 23-24 ONLINE  (2) IE on March 1-2 LIVE AT Prairie State College.


In 2019, we added judge "conflict of interest forms" and swapped groups for POE and STE/ADS.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Paul, since he will be the Tournament Director.


This year, we will again be using forensicstournament.net to run the tournament, so you should make your entry before 5 pm on Tuesday of each week.  You can make drops and substitutions until 5 PM Wednesday of each week.  After 5 PM Wednesday, please get in touch with Paul by text or cell phone (618-525-2749). If you leave a message, do not assume we have the change unless you get a confirmation. Additionally, each school will receive an entry confirmation on Thursday, Feb 22 and Thursday, Feb 29. You can always double check your entry on FTN. 


One final reminder: if you wish to utilize a non-degreed judge, please complete the Non-Degreed Judge Request. If you know folks who want to be hired to judge, they can fill out the Hired Judge Form above. These forms must be submitted by Monday of tournament week to be considered. We need hired judges, even if they can only do a round or two.  


As we do every year, the IIFA board is looking forward to the pleasure of your company at the state tournament.  With your help, we can continue to maintain the high standards of excellence for which Illinois forensics is known and respected.




Paul Cummins


‚Äč618-525-2749 cell

Executive Director, IIFA



Make checks payable to IIFA. 

Checks made payable to anyone else may not be accepted.


Judge Interest Signups
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