Welcome to the home page for the 2024 Nicholas F Burnett "Hornet Cup" Invitational tournament hosted by CSU Sacramento on Mar 22-24, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Revised Schedule:

LD Quarterfinals 3:00PM

Pattern B Finals 4:00PM

LD Semi-Finals 4:30PM

Awards ASAP

LD Finals as soon as possible!


We are working on a slide show for awards. If you took photos this weekend you want to share either DM @sacstatedebate on insta or send them to csusdebate@gmail.com



You can use this link or scan this code.  Fees should be correct on FTN.  Check with tab if you have questions. 



We are excited to be hosting you this weekend at Sacramento State and I wanted to send some information your way. I will try to keep it pretty simple. You can find most of the information you need for the weekend on our website at https://www.hornetdebate.com/hcinfo.html

The tournament will be headquartered out of Sequoia Hall and the tabroom will be in 316. There will be information available about the schedule and the buildings we are using in the lobby. We will have snacks/coffee available in room 142. There are a lot of areas throughout the building where your team can gather and hang out, including fairly large lobby areas on each floor. We won't have prep rooms assigned to teams, but we do have a few rooms in Sequoia that will be available to use - Rooms 102, 443, and 456 will all be open and available to use. IPDA Strike and Extemp Prep will be in Room 301. 

For anyone who may need to decompress, relax, or get away from the stimulation of a tournament - we will have a "Peace & Quiet" Room in Sequoia 325. This will be a quiet room with low lighting. On Sunday afternoon, we will have a Yoga instructor/Personal Trainer availabe in the room for guided breathing, stretches, and meditation. 

All of the buildings that we will be using are located near Sequoia Hall. On Friday, the President's Cup IPDA Round Robin will be held in Riverside Hall. Topic strike will be in room 1015 and each team should have a room to prep in. Judges for IPDA may be used in either the regular IPDA tournament or the round robin.

For parking - we recommend Parking Structure 2. Even though it is our spring break, parking is enforced on campus 24/7. There is a permit machine on the third floor of the parking structure but you can also pay online.


We are excited to have you on our campus and we hope that everyone will have a wonderful time. We are hoping to honor the legacy of Dr. Burnett by providing a fun, educational, fulfilling, and competitive tournament. We have great snacks for you, shiny trophies, a lot of our alumni will be here to judge, and Herky the Hornet is supposed to be stopping by! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to track me down and ask!


Jared Anderson

Important Rooms:

Registration:  Sequoia 316 

Tabroom: Sequoia 316

Snacks and Photobooth:  Sequoia 148

Normal IPDA Strike : Sequoia 301

Round Robin Strike: Riverside 1015

"Peace & Quiet" Room: Sequoia 325

Campus Tour Video


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