Welcome to the home page for the 2018 Hawker Invitational tournament hosted by Bozeman High School on Dec 7, 2018 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Bozeman Hawker Invitational

7 & 8 December 2018

Dear Colleagues:


You are cordially invited to attend the Hawker Invitational to be held on the 7th & 8th of December. We will be utilizing Forensics Tournament.net for registration: http://www.forensicstournament.net/.  The site is very straightforward and will allow you to manage your entry until 4:00PM on Wednesday, Dec. 5.  However, we do ask that you complete a best estimate entry by 4:00PM on Wednesday, Nov.  21 and a final registration by Monday, Dec. 3, so that we can have judges and rooms sorted before the last second. You will be able to make changes until Dec. 5 without penalty, but having an idea of space and judging needs early will be crucial for a smooth tournament and for JV entries.  If you have former competitors in Bozeman who would like to judge, please pass along the following link and have them sign themselves up: http://bit.ly/bhsjudge2018. Please send all additional inquiries to Adam Thane: adam.thane@bsd7.org.


Registration Information:

-  All events will be held at Bozeman High School – 205 North 11th.

-  Initial registration due by Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 4:00PM

-  Final registration due by Monday, Dec. 3 at 4PM.

-  You may bring JV entries depending on space. Traditionally this is a massive meet, and we will make a final determination as to number of JV entries allowed based on the initial registrations on Nov. 21.  At that time, I will let people know whether the JV they have entered need to be dropped or trimmed.

-  If you plan to bring JV entries, please create a separate team on Forensics Tournament for the JV squad.  Please be sure that any double-entered students are on one team for both entries. We cannot accommodate double-entries on two different teams.

-  Varsity and Novice divisions will be offered in Policy and LD.  All other events are open division.

-  We plan to run octafinal rounds for any debate event with 30+ entries as of Nov. 21.  If novice divisions are large enough to warrant an octafinal, we will run one. 

-  Any Speech event with 24 or fewer entries as of Nov. 21 will break straight to finals

-  Any Speech event with 64 or more entries as of Nov. 21 will break to quarterfinals

-  I will notify registered teams about elimination round configuration and the final schedule on Nov. 21.

-  JV debate entries will be blocked from hitting debaters on their schools’ varsity squads.

-  All MHSA sanctioned AA events will be offered.

- Varsity teams are limited to 42 entries (any partner event counts as 2 entries)


Fees & Logistics:

-  There will be no on-site registration. All double-checking and changes will be done by coaches via Forensics Tournament and, after 4PM on Dec. 5, via email. Please expect an e-mail on Thursday, 6 Dec. with final codes and registration.

-  There will be a $5.00 fee assessed per entry. Partner events count as two entries.

-  There will be no fees for drops, adds, or changes up to Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 4:00PM. Any changes after Wednesday 8PM will be assessed a $5.00 penalty. Changes on Friday, 7 Dec. will cost $20.00.

-  We will conduct all events according to the 2018-2019 MHSA Handbook, except as noted on this invitation.

-  In order to compensate for the massive acreage of our school, and hopefully run on time, the first two rounds of all debate events will be pre-paired, and prelim rounds 3-5 will be paired based on results from 2 rounds previous (i.e., round 3 will be paired based on results from round 1, round 4 from rounds 1 & 2, Round 5 from rounds 1-3).  Elimination rounds will be still paired using all 5 prelims.

-  Semi-Finals and Finals of VLD, NLD, and Forum will be single flighted



Policy: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.


Lincoln/Douglas: Resolved: In a democracy, the public’s right to know ought to be valued above the right to privacy of candidates for public office.


Public Forum: Resolved: The United States federal government should impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry.



Friday,  7 December 2018


4:00PM Round 1

6:00PM Round 2

8:00PM Round 3


(Draw :30 prior to rounds in Library)

4:00PM Round 1

6:00PM Round 2

8:00PM Round 3

Saturday, 8 December 2018


8:00AM Round 4

10:00AM Round 5

Noon Octafinals

2:00PM Quarterfinals

4:00PM Semifinals

5:00 PM Forum and LD Finals

6:00PM Policy Finals


(Draw :30 prior to rounds in Library)

8:30AM Round 4

10:30AM Round 5

1:00PM Quarterfinals HI/DI/IMP/INF; Semifinals OO/DUO/POI/EXT/MPA; Finals LEG

3:30PM Semifinals HI/DI/IMP/INF; Finals OO/DUO/POI/EXT/MPA

5:00: Finals HI/DI/IMP/INF

Awards following Forum, LD, and Speech finals in the Main Gym (near South Cafeteria)