Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Hardin Invitational Tournament tournament hosted by Hardin High School on Dec 7, 2019 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Good Morning Coaches: We are excited that you will be attending our tournament on Saturday. We look forward to hosting you and your competitors. We are ready to go pending any drops that you may have today or in the morning. Our judging slots are mainly filled with just a couple of holes. As per the MHSA Handbook we will be utilizing  computer pairing for the posting.  We are using Everything Tab. Angie and I may need to change a couple of the pairings/postings for the Dual Entries, but we should be good to go other than our last minute drops. Christy Pierce from Sidney has prepared the tab sheets for each event (Thank-you Christy).  I will assign one coach to each event for tabbing and then others can join in as needed. Please email or text if you need anything. Mitch (406-679-3242)  Angie (406-850-4054)  Safe travels everyone!