Welcome to the home page for the 2022 Griffin Invitational tournament hosted by Grossmont College on Nov 12-13, 2022 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

NPDA Round 1 - 8:36 topic - 8:56 round - Global Climate change is America's biggest threat

NPDA Round 2 - 10:06 topic - 10:26 round - Post-secondary education institutions should prioritize vocational programs

NPDA Round 3 - noon topic - 12:20 round - Democracy is dead

NPDA Round 4 - 1:31 topic - 1:51 round - In the US, the legalization of psychedelics would do more harm than good

NPDA Elim 1: 3:30 topic - 3:50 round The US should prioritize reducing income inequality

NPDA Elim 2: 5:21 topic - 5:31 round - Institutionalized religion has done more harm than good


Parli Prep Rooms
Point Loma 31-109
El Camino 31 107
NAU 31 110
OCC 31 112
SD Mesa 31 127
UC San Diego 31 129
Cerritos 51 574

Prov Christian

San Diego State

53 555B




The Ray Dahlin Tournament, hosted by Palomar College will also be held on Grossmont's Campus, on Friday, Nov. 11th.

Welcome to the 30th Annual Griffin Tournament!

We are so happy to be back on campus this year.

As we come back to face-to-face tournaments, the Griffin Tournament wants to remind you of the NPDA & IPDA rules for computer use in the rounds:

IPDA:  No laptops are allowed during the debate.  Phones may only be used for timing.


Updated bylaws as of 9/26/22 Regarding Computerized flowing

"Any published information (dictionaries, magazines, etc.) which may have been consulted before the debate, cannot be brought into the debating chambers for use during the debate. Except for the notes that the debater themsleves have prepared material written by the debaters themselves during preparation time, including material typed on electronic devices and /or handwritten only during preparation time, and a copy of the NPDA "Rules of Debating and Judging," no published material, prepared arguments, or resources for the debaters' use in the debate may be brought into the debating chambers. Debaters may also communicate in-round material to one another, their competitors, and the judge(s) in the round   Competitors should be prepard to provide preparation materials and flows for review by judges and/or tournament staff."

The Griffin tournament expects judges and competitors to abide by these rules and if found that a team violated these rules they will be disqualifed.


Updated Invitation: Please note that the invitation has been updated with a change in Pattern A & B times, on 10/24.  Do not use the invitation if it does not have the revised schedule.  The Updated Invitation is correct on this site.

Eligibilty Rules for Novice and Junior Divisions:  As you are completing your entires, please check the document on the right, to make sure your students have been entered according to the Griffin's eligibilty guidelines.

Masking Policy:  Please be advised that Grossmont College has a mandatory maks poicy for indoor public spaces such as classrooms.  We will be allowing compeitors to remove their masks during performances, and for debaters, during their specific speaking time, but they must put them back on while participating as audinec members.  All audinece members (including judges) are requred to keep their mask on during rounds.  Masks are available in most classrooms, if you forot to bring one.

Electronic Ballots:  Electronic balloting will be used for all events, I.E.'s, NPDA & IPDA.  Judges are required to have a phone, tablet or laptop capable of receiving emails to qualify as judges.  Remember to bring a charger.  

Rooms & Guidlines for the Griffin: 

Judges Lounge:  Griffin Gate

Competitors Lounge:  Student Center

Extemp Prep:   Bldg 51-575

Parli Topics will be Announced from the Student Center

IPDA Topics will be given to the judges and the students should report to their rooms to meet the judge and select their resolution.

Impromptu Judges:  Report to the Judges Lounge to pick up your Quotations/Topics.

Here is our address:  8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020

Parking:  You can park for free in parking lot 7 or the parking stucture.  Please do not park in any "staff" parking space.

Food:  We will have snacks and lunches for the judges.  Competitors will be able to purchase pizza's, snacks, water and soda's in the afternoon each day.

For more information contact:  Roxanne.tuscany@gcccd.edu