Welcome to the home page for the 2022 Gorlok Gala tournament hosted by Webster University on Jan 28-30, 2022 for College students.

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Congratulations to the follow nine (9) teams for advancing in NPDA debate:

Hillsdale College Jonah Apel & Vicky Kelly
Kansas Wesleyan University Bryce Boyd & Savannah Bonilla
North Central College Sarah Runchey & Maverick __
Simpson College Triniti Krauss & Teagan Townsend
Simpson College Sam Porter & Scout Peery
Simpson College Malcolm Smart & Scott Krueger
The University of Central Missouri Ryann Hill & Kayla Gross
University of the Pacific Gustavo Garcia & Joel Brown
University of the Pacific Jonathan Reyes & Paula Paez
Elim 1 for NPDA will be held at 2:30pm central Sat 1/29

Congratulations to the following four (4) debaters for advancing to Semi-finals in Open IPDA

Boise State University Madison Martin

Northern Illinois University Will Olson

Simpson College Mo Marks

Simpson College Foxx Harrington

Semi-finals for Open IPDA will be held at 6:15pm central Sat 1/29. Finals will be held immediately following awards on Sunday.

Congratulations to the following four (4) debaters for advancing to the Semi-Finals in Junior IPDA

Boise State University Kate Jacobson

Park University Adam Wilkins

Simpson College Ryan Magalhaes

Simpson College Jenna Pfeiffer

Semi-finals for Junior IPDA will be held at 6:15pm central Sat 1/29.  Finals will be held immediately following awards on Sunday.


Congratulations to the following two (2) teams for advancing to the Finals in Open Public Forum

Boise State University Brian DelToro & Dylan Pope

Boise State University Izzy Ceja & Julia Maas

As this is a close-out, there will be no additional elimination rounds for Public Forum.

Special Rooms

Help Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokHelpRoom 

Judge Standby Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokStandby 

Extemp Prep Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokExtempPrep

Impromptu Waiting Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokImpromptu

Improvisational Pairs Waiting Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokImprovisational

NPDA Parli Topic Announce: https://8x8.vc/GorlokParli 

NPDA Start Time/Topics




2022 Gorlok Gala Forensic Tentative Tournament Schedule

All Times are Central Standard Time

Friday, January 28

  8:30                                    Check in—Virtual Judges Lounge

10:00                                    Round 1, Lincoln- Douglas, NPDA, IPDA and Public Forum (Draw and Debate                                   Block)

11:30                                    Round 2, NPDA, IPDA and Public Forum

11:45                                    Round 2, Lincoln-Douglas

  1:00                                    Lunch

  2:00                                    Round 3, NPDA, IPDA and Public Forum

  2:30                                    Round 3, Lincoln-Douglas 

  3:45                                    Round 4, NPDA, IPDA and Public Forum

  4:15                                    Round 4, Lincoln-Douglas

  5:30                                    Round 5 NPDA, Elimination 1 Public Forum, Elimination 1 IPDA

Saturday, January 29

  8:30                                    Individual Events-Only Check in—Virtual Judges Lounge

10:00                                    Round 5, Lincoln-Douglas, Extemp Draw

10:30                                    Round 1, Individual Events “A”

11:45                                    Round 6, Lincoln-Douglas, Extemp Draw

12:15                                    Round 2, Individual Events “A”

  1:15                                    Lunch

  2:30                                    Round 1, Individual Events “B”, Elimination 1 NPDA, Elimination 1                                                                       Lincoln-Douglas

  3:45                                    Round 2, Individual Events “B”

  4:45                                    Extemp Draw, Elimination 2 NPDA, Elimination 2 Lincoln-Douglas

  5:15                                    Individual Events Semifinals, “A” Finals

  5:45                                    Elimination 2 Public Forum

  6:15                                    Elimination 2 IPDA

  Sunday, January 30

  8:30                                    Check in—Virtual Judges Lounge

10:00                                    Individual Events “B” Finals plus Impromptu Finals, Elimination 4 Lincoln-          Douglas, Elimination 3,   NPDA

12:00                                    Awards

2:00                                       Debate Elimination/Final Rounds                                            






Dear Forensic Colleagues,

The Webster University Forensic Program, Missouri Omega chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, and School of Communications invite you to the 24th Gorlok Gala Forensic Tournament, to be held synchronously and virtually on January 28-31, 2022. We will be offering the 11 AFA individual events and duo improvisation, along with open, junior and novice divisions of NFA-LD, NPDA and IPDA. There will also be an open division of Public Forum debate. We reserve the option of making last-minute schedule changes and apologize for the uncertainty and any inconvenience that may cause. Special note—We will have IPDA this year only as our campus is too small to host four debate divisions. We have worked hard to create a NEW schedule that is friendly to all four time zones; unfortunately, this means all formats of events will extend over multiple days. It also means that we have more restrictions on cross-entering between debate and individual events than we would normally have at the Gorlok. The spirit of this tournament is to allow for and encourage comprehensive participation. We have done what we can to maximize that within a reasonable virtual schedule. One we return to an in-person tournament, we will return to our original, pre-pandemic schedule.

To help with our planning, we must insist on meeting our Monday, January 24th entry deadline.

We are also continuing two annual awards—a Webster Alumni Award and a Community Citizenship Award. Please see the descriptions in the invitation and consider submitting a nomination.

Please contact us with any questions. We hope to see each of you virtually in St. Louis for the Gorlok Gala!


Gina Jensen                            Tom Serfass                                          Garrett Dohlke

Director of Forensics              Assistant Director of Forensics             President

Tournament Director                                                                           MO Omega Chapter of PKD



Individual event competitors may enter up to three events per flight. We are, however, committed to running a tournament that stays on time. Critics will be instructed to not wait beyond the allotted ending time for each round. A student may enter only two duos and two improvisational pairs. We will make efforts to accommodate multiple entered students in flight A with early speaking positions in extemp.

Students in IPDA or PF may enter both IE flights. Students may only enter one form of debate. Students in NPDA may enter flight A events—and should leave debate rounds following their completion in order to participate in their individual events. Students competing in Lincoln-Douglas may not enter IE’s.

Judging Requirements

One individual events judge will cover ten entries. One debate judge will cover two teams/L-D/IPDA entries.

A single judge may cover the following:

• Two debate entries, 10 IE entries, or one NPDA team and five flight A IE entries.

A judge may not cover:

• More than two debate entries regardless of format, or debate and flight B IE entries.

Judges covering both debate and IE’s must identify their preference between flight B IE’s and PF/IPDA.

For purposes of clarification one NPDA team will require three rounds of coverage since an odd number of preliminary rounds are being offered. A single judge may not cover both LD/IPDA/PF and flight B individual event entries. Schools needing to hire a substantial number of judges should contact the tournament director before tournament week. PLEASE--we would rather have your judges.

Special note regarding LD judges and uncovered LD entries…because of consistently having an overwhelming number of uncovered LD entries, we must insist at least half of any school’s LD entries are covered. We will turn away entries not meeting this request. For example, a school with 12 LD entries must provide at least three judges who are able to cover LD commitments; with only three judges we will not accept a 13th entry. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.


The top novice in each AFA event will be given a special award. To be eligible, the student should be in his/her first collegiate year in the appropriate genre of event (public address, interpretation, or limited preparation). Duo improvisation will count as either an interpretation or a limited preparation event.

Special Rooms

Help Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokHelpRoom 

Judge Standby Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokStandby 

Extemp Prep Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokExtempPrep

Impromptu Waiting Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokImpromptu

Improvisational Pairs Waiting Room: https://8x8.vc/GorlokImprovisational

NPDA Parli Topic Announce: https://8x8.vc/GorlokParli 


  • Mon 01/24/22 7:00 pm Central
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Wed 01/26/22 7:00 pm Central
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)