Welcome to the home page for the 2021 Gail Shadwell Invitational tournament hosted by Elgin Community College on Dec 3-4, 2021 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Link to Full Invitation: Shadwell 2021 Invitational - updates as of 11/15 (highlighted in orange)



The Elgin Community College Forensics Team and the department of Communication Studies are excited to invite you to the “Gail Shadwell Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament” to be held on Friday December 3 and Saturday December 4, 2021! This will be a fully in-person tournament on ECC’s main campus.


For those that aren’t aware, Gail Shadwell was a Speech faculty member at Elgin Community College for almost fifty years, and was instrumental in creating many student centered activities, including ECC’s Speech Team. 


We are offering this as a fully “live”/in-person tournament. At this time, we do not plan on having a “hybrid” option. 


A change from previous Shadwell tournaments: we will be operating under a “traditional” 2-day/3-round IE format (novice only for IE). There will also be open IPDA on Saturday December 4. See schedule in the formal invitation: 2021 Shadwell Invitational


(Schedule may be adjusted based on entries)

Friday Dec 3

10:30-11:30 – Registration

12 PM – Ext Prep

12:15 PM – Rd 1 A (Prose, Poetry, Ext, Imp)

1.15 PM – Ext Prep

1.30 PM – Rd 2 A

2.30 PM – Ext Prep

2.45 PM – Rd 3 A

4 PM – Rd 1 B (Pers, STE, Duo, CA)

5 PM – Rd 2 B

6 PM – Rd 3 B

Saturday Dec 4

8AM - Rd 1 C (POI, DI, Info, IPDA) - IPDA Prep - 7.45

9AM - Rd 2 C - IPDA Prep - 8.45

10AM - Rd 3 C - IPDA Prep - 9.45

11AM - 12PM - Lunch Break - IPDA Prep - 10.45

12 PM – Ext Prep for Finals

12.15 PM – A finals (and part of B)

1.30 PM – IPDA Prep for finals

2 PM – C finals (and rest of B)

Target awards for approx. 4 PM



NOTE: we will not be offering Parliamentary Debate this year. For those interested, please look into the LPDL virtual tournament on Dec 10, 2021.


For debate: competitors in debate must be undergraduate students at the entering college or university who have met the necessary requirements for competition as imposed by that institution. NOTE: This includes students in their third or fourth year of competition which is true only for debate.


For IE: the tournament will be a novice tournament. A “novice” will be defined as any student with less than 2 years (four semesters) of intercollegiate competitive experience.    


Our IE tournament will have three rounds of preliminary competition, and finals in all events (providing that size of the event allows for such).  Please also note the special approaches that we will be utilizing for prelim rounds of CA and Extemp. Enclosed in this packet you will find information regarding logistics (registration, parking, etc.) and tournament fees for all events.


ECC students may be entered into events but for feedback purposes only, and will be marked as “non-advancing”


We are working with our facilities office to provide a catered lunch for all attendees. There will be a marginal fee (no more than $7 per person) added to each school’s fee sheet. This catered lunch will help keep things running on time, and also eliminate the need to leave campus (in the event of inclement weather).

Should any question arise, feel free to contact me.


We hope to see you on December 3rd and 4th.  



Tim Anderson on behalf of the ECC Speech Team and  ECC Communication Studies Department



Lunch Information - Dec 4, 2021

We are working with our facilities office to provide a boxed lunch for all attendees (deli wrap, chips, cookies, and water). Options from the menu include: roast beef, ham, turkey, veggie). There will be a marginal fee ($7 per person) added to each school’s fee sheet. This catered lunch will help keep things running on time, and also eliminate the need to leave campus (in the event of inclement weather).


Please respond with your best estimates by 11/24 at 12PM (early deadline necessary as the catering office will be closed during Thanksgiving break and unable to process orders).

Link: https://forms.gle/w94MxuYR3Fq8K56d8



As of November 15, 2021 - visitors to ECC must remain masked while on campus. After conferring with ECC’s COVID task force, this policy also includes being masked while performing.

Additionally, ECC’s COVID task force also stated that to align with current school policy, face shields are NOT permitted.

Note that vaccination/testing mandates do NOT apply to visitors.

From ECC’s COVID Info Page: This mandate (i.e., testing/vaccinations) does not apply to visitors to campus, and there is no change in the current policy for visitors. Our campus is fully open. Everyone on campus must wear masks, and social distancing practices are enforced. The requirements of the mandate are for enrolled students and employees.

Masking, per ECC policy, should be followed at all times. 

In between rounds, please maintain social distancing when congregating/communicating with others.

Each team will receive a “team room” to use throughout the tournament (please avoid leaving anything of value in unattended rooms). 

Extemp/IPDA prep: please respect social distancing guidelines. Depending on event size, we will reserve multiple rooms for prep so that competitors have enough space.

Duo: please also maintain social distancing during performances. We advise judges to bring in one duo to perform at a time (to minimize cramping up a classroom). Please also bring in one duo at a time during finals. 

Please keep in mind that space within classrooms will be limited due to ECC social distancing guidelines. Please avoid moving desks/tables, and DO NOT sit at locations marked with an “X”. To the best of our ability, tournament staff will attempt to keep round sizes small to accommodate for distance.

Final rounds: please note social distancing and how it can impact audience size. For a “traditionally sized” final round in a standard classroom (6 competitors and 3 judges), there may be room for only 3-5 observers. Even if you are eager to support a fellow competitor, please do not stay in a room if there are no seats open.


  • Wed 11/03/21 2:20 pm Central
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Thu 12/02/21 7:00 am Central
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Thu 12/02/21 12:00 pm Central
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)