Welcome to the home page for the 2021 General Welfare Exchanges tournament hosted by Patrick Henry College on Nov 20, 2021 for College students.

Status: Accepting Entries

The General Welfare Exchanges


The General Welfare Exchanges is an annual event hosted by Patrick Henry College each fall semester.  The event prompts students to present scholarly research and proposals to distinguishes panelists on topics that relate to the pursuit of human flourishing in society.  In particular, students will tackle the question of how should governments and other corporate aspects of society should act to promote the flourishing of their citizens?  Each team should be prepared to affirm and oppose the topic in alternating presentations.  The two teams recognized by the panelists as having the strongest proposals and presentation skills will advance to a final dialogue, where they will offer their research before a new panel of judges who will identify a winner.  


For the 2021-2022 Civic Debate season, the proposed topic is:


The US government should cap the costs of insulin and other life-saving treatments for chronic conditions.



The 2021 General Welfare Exchanges will occur on Saturday, November 20.


Schedule (2021): (all times in EST)

Saturday, November 20

-          8:45 AM: Team Check-In

-          9:00 AM: Judge Briefing

-          9:30 AM: Round 1

-          11:00 AM: Round 2

-          12:30 PM: Lunch

-          1:30 PM: Round 3

-          3:30 PM: Final Presentations

-          5:00 PM Awards



-          Teams will be comprised of two students each.

-          Teams will prepare a one-page research & advocacy brief for both the affirmative and negative sides of the conversation, and submit hose briefs to the tournament administrators in PDF form by midnight, November 17, 2021.

-          On the day of the event, teams will alternate giving ten minute oral presentations based upon their briefs for both the affirmative and negative sides.  The judges and opposing team will pose questions, and each team will then offer rebuttal before the round is complete. 


Speaking Order:

-          Judges get ten minutes to review the teams’ research briefs before speeches begin

-          Affirmative Presentation of Research (10 minutes)

-          Cross Ex (2 min)

-          Negative Presentation of Research (10 minutes)

-          Cross Ex (2 min)

-          Judges Question Affirmative (2-3 Questions) (5 min maximum)

-          Judges Question Neg (2-3 Questions) (5 min maximum)

-          Affirmative Rebuttal/Closing Statements (4 minutes)

-          Negative Rebuttal/Closing Statements (4 minutes)

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