JUDGE TRAINING - THE BASICS! (short power point)

     Please feel free to use this power point to help train your judges!  

      Link here to see Emerson's short power point on the basic responsibilities and expectations for tournament judges:


If you have trouble loading the power point from the link above, try the long way...

  1. Find Emerson’s school loop page


  2. In the left hand column, click on Speech and Debate Program

  3. Scroll down in the left hand column called “the locker.”

  4. Click on “Judges’ Training – theBasics”

  5. It was a powerpoint that has been converted to a pdf–scroll through the

    13 slides to learn the basic responsibilities for judging.

When you are done, go back to the document,  “Judges’ Quick Guide to Events” which will give you specific details on the ten separate events offered at this tournament.


UPDATE Feb 3: Congress layout

Due to coach requests, the layout for Congress will be the one we are all used to! 


Dialectic - training session share

This is only our second year for Dialectic.  Last year it was called "dialectic spar."  I'm going to post reports on our process & training sessions since all of my kids are novices at this event...

     First, we went over structure (see “Dialectic Structure” in Documents).

     Next, we formed three teams and each made an arguable resolution out of their preferred topic from the lists (see “Dialectic – from topics to arguable resolutions” in Documents). Here were our first picks: school schedule, mass transit, school lockers

1. Aaron and Chloe were up first.  Resolved: Schools should be fined if individual lockers are not suppled to each secondary school student.

2. Olivia and Nikita went up next. Resolved: all adults must use mass transit Monday-Friday when commuting to work in the city.  

3. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for Resolved: Students will caucus to pick their own elective.

     I let the kids choose from the pre-listed topics that might have some bearing on their lives.  The discussions got pretty animated. Those 3 resolutions became our our 3 choices.   in this way, we get to use the elimination process because no one gets to use their own topic.

The kids love this!

Coach Parker