Welcome to the home page for the 2019 The Loyola-happyPaloozaDiv2019 tournament hosted by Loyola Sacred Heart on Jan 19, 2019 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Up-dates 1-6-19:

  1. Email your W/L records for ALL LD & Policy to Stergios.LSH@gmail.com by 1-14-19

  2. Email all coaches names and tab preferences to Stergios.LSH@gmail.com by 1-14-19

  3. Note: There is a basketball game at 2pm, so Lot P is out for bus parking The busses will need to park on the South side of campus or at Missoula College, see map  http://www.umt.edu/map/

  4. We will be using Gallagher -GBB, LA -Liberal Arts and PJW ED for competition)

  5. U of M maps -  http://www.umt.edu/map/

  6. We plane to host the awards across campus in the University center 3rd floor theater

  7. LD  Resolved: The United States ought not provide military aid to authoritarian regimes.

  8. Policy: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States

  9. Note all coaches dues need to be paid before Divisionals

  10. Please contact us with questions at  Stergios.LSH@gmail.com

  11. After Wednesday 1-16-19 at 5 pm text any drops you have directly to Theresa at 406-531-6801, include school name, event and contestant!

Southern B-C Divisional Speech, Debate and Drama Tournament 2019

LSH High School invites the Southern B-C Divisional Speech, Debate and Drama Tournament on Saturday January 19th 2019

Location:  The Gallagher Building at the U of M will serve as tournament headquarters.  Events will tentatively be held in the Gallagher, Liberal Arts, and Education Building on the UM campus. Location of Awards TBD.

Round times:

 Speech and Drama Events (Extemp Draw 30 minutes before each round)

  Round 1   8:30

  Round 2  10:00

  Round 3  11:30

  Round 4    1:30

  Finals       3:30


     Round 1   8:00

     Round 2   10:00

     Round 3   12:00

     Round 4    2:00

     Finals        3:30                                                                     

Just a reminder - it is imperative that all students are respectful of the University classrooms and property.  We are fortunate to be able to use the campus classrooms and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

Entries fees will be billed after the meet, to the email provided at registration.  We will be abiding by the rules of the MHSA rulebook and the tournament director will arbitrate any queries.

Team Registration is due by January 7th at 9 pm

Please go to: 2019 The Loyola-happyPaloozaDiv2019

to register.

Please UPDATE FORENSICTOURAMENT.NET with any drops as soon as you know them.  

Call or text Theresa’s cell 406-531-6801 with Any changes after Friday 1-18-19 at noon – do this as soon as you know   

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks see you all soon!  Paul, Theresa and Matthew Stergios (406 728-7363; 406-531-6801-c Stergios.LSH@gmail.com )

Food - The U of M is allowing us have  “brown bag lunches” (bring your our) but we (Loyola) will not be allowed to sell food such as concessions or pizza!

The Biz Buzz will be open from approximately 7:00 to 3 in the Gallagher business building for our speech and debate tournament on Saturday, January 19th.

Biz Buzz serves a variety of grab and go sandwiches, fresh fruit, soup, hot sandwiches, snacks, baked items, beverages and of course coffee and espresso. Sandwich prices range up from $5.50. Everything is ala carte. You can pre-arrange sandwiches for pickup by contacting Jen Kelly at 243-5229.

Guests also have several other options on campus including:

  1. The Market in the University Center which has a wide variety of beverages, snacks, and lunch  options.

  2. The Food Zoo in the Lommasson Building. The Food Zoo is an all-you-care-to-eat option. Cash entry for lunch is $11.25.

  1. The Food Zoo offers a discount to high school groups who make arrangements in advance. Entry for lunch is $7.00. You can make arrangements by contacting Karla Colwill at 243-5649.

  1. Groups can also make arrangements with UM Catering to have a meal delivered to the Gallagher business building. Prices depending on the menu. This would likely be the most expensive option. You can contact Cristin at 243-4899 to make catering arrangements This must be done at least seven days in advance.