Welcome to the home page for the 2020 District I Qualifier tournament hosted by East Los Angeles College on Mar 8, 2020 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

AFA-NIET District I and East Los Angeles cordially invite you to attend the American Forensics Association - National Individual Events Tournament District I Last Chance Tournament (Saturday) and District Tournament (Sunday) on the East Los Angeles College campus from March 7th-March 8th, 2020.  


Two tournaments with all eleven AFA-NIET individual events will be offered.  The first will be a full IE tournament on Saturday, followed by the AFA-NIET District I Qualifying Tournament on Sunday.


AFA-NIET District I includes any college or university in California/Hawaii/Nevada which offers an Associate of Arts degree and/or higher degree.  Any college or university in this region is eligible for membership in AFA-NIET District I, so all are very welcome to attend! 

The attached invitation contains complete information about the tournament.  If there is a question you don't find answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you there! 

David Hale                                                                        

Interim Chair, AFA-NIET District I                                      

East Los Angeles College                                                     

(310) 570-3210 (Cell)



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