Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Close to the Coast Sun tournament hosted by Mt Sac at Orange Coast College on Jan 20, 2019 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Due to the number of entries and to encourage participation over both days of the swing we have decided to modify the schedule of the tournament.  

IE Schedule/Entries

Pattern A:  Persuasion, DI, POI, Imprmptu, Duo, CA

Pattern B:  Extemp, Informative, Prose, Poetry, ADS

8:00        Registration (First Floor, Literature & Language Building)

9:00        Round 1A

10:15    Extemp Draw

10:30    Round 1B

11:45    Round 2A

1:00    Extemp Draw

1:15    Round 2B

3:00    Finals A

4:15    Extemp Draw

4:30    Finals B

6:00 or TBA     Awards

Debate Schedule:

8:00 -8:45:    Registration (First floor, Literature & Languages Building) - Debaters must sign in.

9:00    Round 1

10:15    Round 2

11:45    Round 3

1:15      Round 4

3:00      Bronze (Open)/Round 5 (Novice)

4:30       Gold (Open)/ Round 6 (Novice)

6:00 or TBA Awards

Open division will have a bronze and gold round during novice division rounds 5 & 6.

We will do Central Topic Strikes for IPDA in the Science Hall.

Tournament Documents

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