Welcome to the home page for the 2024 BPCC Eddy Shell Invitational (in person) tournament hosted by Bossier Parish Community College on Mar 22-24, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

UPDATE 3/21/2024: "PARTIAL" ELIM ROUNDS WILL BE OFFERED: We will be having "partial" elimination rounds for any division where it is warranted.  At present, TIPDA qualifies for quarterfinals and all other individual divisions qualify for octafinals. However, in any of these divisions if a team/individual with a winning record would not have advanced to elimination rounds then we will advance all with winning records into a "partial" elimination round. The schedule for individual debate will remain consistent with the one published in the invitation (we has originally scheduled double-octafinals and now a likely partial double-octafinal will be the only round that may be added by this decision).  For team debate, we will still hold three elimination rounds as scheduled on Friday night.  In the event that team results in a partial-octafinal round needing to be held, then we will place Octafinals, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals in the spots currently reserved for quarters, semis, and finals; and, then the team final round would be immediately after the conclusion of round 6 of individual debate on Saturday.

Campus Map: https://tinyurl.com/BPCC-Debates    Building F is the main prep building and buildings B,D,E,& G are used for competition.  The awards on Sunday are in building C (you must enter from the west side of the building, which is on the far left on this map)

ORIGINAL POSTING:  Welcome to the 16th annual Eddy Shell Invitational.  Please see the attached invitation for relevant information. Tournament updates will be posted here tournament week and during the course of the weekend.