Welcome to the home page for the 2022 Biggest Little City Classic tournament hosted by University of Nevada, Reno on Oct 15-16, 2022 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Welcome to the 2022 BLCC

Central IPDA Topic Announce in AB 106

Extemp Prep in AB 102

Tab in AB 107

Video Help Room

Advancing to Elims
Open IPDA:
College Of Southern Idaho Amy Madrid
College Of Southern Idaho Jeremy Wallace
University of Nevada, Reno Hannah Branch
University of Nevada, Reno Sky Cunanan
Novice IPDA: 
Diablo Valley College Logan Shaver
San Francisco State University Rafael Tavaniello
Solano Community College Sarah Campi
University of Nevada Las Vegas Selah Huggins
Open LD:
Sacramento State University Jackie Blair
Sacramento State University Tehreem Khan
University of Nevada Las Vegas Julia Sidley
University of Utah Madeleine Felix
University of Utah Ryan Knippel

Sunday 9am Judge List

Craig Hennigan - UNLV

Jonathan McGuire - Hired

Kelly Brill - Nevada

Jordan Cosselman - University of Nevada, Reno

Merissa Lehr - University of Nevada, Reno

Daniel Armbrust - University of Nevada, Reno


Saturday Oct 15

8 AM Late Registration
9 AM IPDA Round 1/Pattern A Round 1
10:15 AM IPDA 2/Pattern A2
11:30 AM LD Round 1/Pattern B Round 1
12:45 AM LD 2/Pattern B2
Lunch Provided from 1:30-2 in AB 106.
2:15 PM IPDA 3/Pattern A3
3:30 PM LD 3/Pattern B3
4:45 PM IPDA 4/Pattern A Finals
6 PM LD 4/Pattern B Finals
7:30 PM Awards

Sunday Oct 16 (revised)

9 AM LD Elim 1
10:30 AM IPDA Bronze 
11:45 PM LD Elim 2
1 PM Awards Part 2
2 PM IPDA Gold



AB 110


AB 201


AB 202


AB 206


AB 210


AB 212


AB 213



  • Wed 10/12/22 8:00 pm
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)