Welcome to the home page for the 2021 AFA District I Fall Tournament tournament hosted by AFA District I on Dec 11, 2021 for College students.

Status: Accepting Entries

The Zoom Link for the tournament will be pasted here on Friday, December 10th.


Dear Colleagues, 

AFA-NST District I invites you to attend the American Forensics Association - National Speech Tournament District I Fall Tournament on December 11th. We ask that you consider attending even if you're not planning on attending the 2022 AFA-NST - with enough schools, this can also count for NFA qualifications, and it's nice to have a tournament to cap off the semester!

The tournament will be administered using forensicstournament.net. Rounds will use Zoom rather than 8x8 to avoid connection issues. Please consider bringing extra judges – this is what will get us through the day as quickly as possible, as we are using the same expedited schedule from the last few District I Tournaments. Note that you must cover your entry for the entire tournament.

AFA-NST District I includes any college or university in California, Nevada, and Hawaii which offers an Associate of Arts degree and/or higher degree.  Any college or university in this region is eligible for membership in AFA-NST District I, so all are very welcome to attend! Even if you are not interested in AFA, please consider competing for the aforementioned reasons - the more, the merrier (stealth Holidays pun)!

If there is a question you don't find answered, please contact Paxton Attridge at pattridg@asu.edu or (626) 230-5430.

With warm regards, 

David Hale                                                       

Chair, AFA-NIET District I                               
DOF, East Los Angeles College          


Any regularly enrolled undergraduate in a two year or four year college is eligible to participate.  Eligibility standards for AFA will be enforced.   

Individual Events:

We will offer all eleven AFA-NST events at both tournaments. Each day will collapse all prelim competition together in the interest of expediting everyone’s day. Elimination rounds will be scheduled in the following patterns: 

Pattern A (for Finals): Impromptu, Duo, Dramatic, After-Dinner Speaking, POI

Pattern B (for Finals): Prose, Info, Pers, Extemp, CA, Poetry


Note that patterns will be collapsed for Rounds 1 and 2 to expedite the tournament – many students will be rushing to prepare for finals week. Patterns will only matter in finals. Events that do not go to a final round will run a single round with three judges – this will also expedite the tournament. Individuals may not exceed a maximum entry of six events.  Events are subject to the rules of the AFA National Individual Events Tournament.  Finals will follow two preliminary rounds with a maximum of seven competitors advancing to finals – this will be adjusted for events with 6 or fewer competitors.  Semi-finals will occur in events where there are more than 36 entries.  Please note that we are not following the traditional AFA-NIET patterns so plan accordingly. Competition will be held over Zoom via breakout rooms.

Complete event descriptions can be found on the official AFA-NST website:  https://sites.google.com/site/afanietnew2/home?authuser=0

Qualification to the American Forensic Association’s NST:

Ten percent of participants in each event at the district tournament will advance to the AFA-NST, with the total rounded to the highest number.  In all cases, a minimum of three will qualify in each event.  NOTE:  Students who have already qualified in an event may NOT enter that event, but may enter others in which they have NOT qualified at-large.  If a student has earned one leg towards at-large qualification, and that student earns a second leg at the district tournament, that student shall be certified through the at-large procedure, and all other students will be moved up accordingly for purposes of NST qualification, if tournament entries meet the standards for at-large qualification.  Please review the District I Constitution and Bylaws on the AFA-NST website link included above for any questions about tournament procedure.



Please submit your entry for both tournaments no later than Thursday, December 9th, 2021, by 11:59PM PST on ForensicsTournament. Fee information can also be found on the tournament website.

SCHEDULE (all times are PST):

Extemp Draw   


RD 1 (All)   



Ext Draw   



RD 2 (All)   



Finals A



Ext Draw  



Finals B




































  • Fri 12/10/21 12:00 am Pacific
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Mon 11/15/21 12:00 am Pacific
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)