C. Open IPDA Event Prompts

Round 1 11:30

  1. Speaker 1


    Round 1


    1. The US Federal Government should mandate vaccinations to fly between states.
    2. The US Federal Government should deploy military troops into Eastern Ukraine.
    3. When it comes to tech, convenience trumps privacy.
    4. Legal Conservatorships are inherently immoral.
    5. There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.



Round 2 12:45

  1. Speaker 1

    Round 2


    1. The US Federal Government should adopt the “right to be forgotten”
    2. The USFG should create a federal jobs guarantee
    3. Bitcoin is dead
    4. Elon Musk is evil
    5. A little impatience can spoil great plans

Round 3 2:15

  1. Speaker 1

    Round 3


    1. The USFG should create a national high-speed rail network.
    2. The USFG should begin price-setting gasoline prices.
    3. Compulsory voting is undemocratic
    4. Exotic animals should not be pets
    5. It’s time to get fired up

Round 4 3:45

  1. Speaker 1

    Round 4


    1. The United Kingdom should re-enter the European Union
    2. The USFG should combine both Houses of Congress into a unicameral body.
    3. Spying is a necessary part of diplomacy.
    4. Artificially Intelligent moderation tools are deeply dangerous
    5. It's not what you say, it's what you do.

Bronze Round 5:15

  1. Speaker 1



    1. The United States should join the EU’s Covid-Passport program.
    2. Children should not play contact sports before the age of 12.
    3. The US should allow 16 year olds to vote in non-federal elections
    4. The Olympics should never be held in authoritarian regimes
    5. Persuasion is better than force.

Gold Round 6:30

  1. Speaker 1



    1. Economic opportunity is the best way to fight extremism.
    2. Professional sports should be exempt from antitrust laws.
    3. The USFG should cancel 10,000 of student debt for every student
    4. The USFG should create a civilian climate conservation corps
    5. Necessity is the mother of invention