In addition to the SPAR topics we have used in the past, we will also offer more challenging public policy topics like the ones listed below. Each pair of students will have a choice of three resolutions. One will be more challenging (public policy/current events) and two will be what any reasonably well- informed middle schooler would know about. As in Impromptu, the AFF competitor eliminates one topic, the NEG competitor eliminates another topic, and the remaining resolution is the one to be debated.  (AFF and NEG will be determined by a coin toss.)

Broad Public Policy Topics - Dialectic SPAR - (edited 2/15)


Immigration/Border security

Fast Food/Junk Food

Financing education after HS

Taxing the Wealthy/Income inequality

Autonomous Cars

Health care/prescription drugs - No resolution

Climate change/Alternative energy sources

Mandatory Gap Year/ Public Service Projects

Trade schools vs 4-year college

Contact Sports in HS

“Nation-building”/ regime change no resolution

Standardized Tests - no resolution

Environment/Ocean Life

The “Space Force”

U. S. involvement in foreign wars

Voter ID laws

Public & Private Schools/Charter Schools

The Income Gap/minimum wage/livable wage

North Korea - no resolution

China/Trade tariffs - no resolution


Yemen- no resolution

Syria - no resolution


Iran - no resolution

Military spending/budget