Saturday, April 25

(all times Pacific)

8:00am (120 minutes)

Pattern A Round 1

Extemp Prep: 8:00am

10:00am (105 minutes)

Pattern B Round 1

IPDA Topic Strike

NFA-LD Round Start

11:45am (90 minutes)

Pattern C Round 1

NPDA/BP Topic Announce

1:15pm (90 minutes)

Pattern A Round 2

Extemp Prep: 1:15pm

2:45pm (90 minutes)

Pattern B Round 2

IPDA Topic Strike

NFA-LD Round Start

4:15pm (90 minutes)

Pattern C Round 2

NPDA/BP Topic Announce

5:45pm (75 minutes)

Pattern A Round 3

Extemp Prep: 5:45pm

7:00pm (75 minutes)

Pattern B Round 3

IPDA Topic Strike

NFA-LD Round Start

Sunday, April 26

(all times Pacific)

(Schedule substantially changed due to collapsing events - PLEASE share with competitors

8:00am (90 minutes)

Pattern C Round 3

NPDA/BP Topic Announce


9:30am (75 minutes)


10:45am (90 min)

Pattern C Round 4

NPDA/BP Topic Announce

12:15pm (90 min)

Pattern B Finals

IPDA Bronze Topic Strike

NFA-LD Bronze Round Start

1:45pm (90 minutes)

Pattern C Elim 1

NPDA Bronze Topic Announce

BP Gold Topic Announce

3:15pm (75 minutes)

Pattern A Finals

Extemp Prep: 3:15pm

4:30pm (75 minutes)

IPDA Gold Topic Strike

NFA-LD Gold Round Start

5:45pm (90 minutes)

Pattern C Gold

NPDA Gold Topic Announce